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At Heit Law, LLC, I am a Columbus personal injury lawyer and dedicate my entire practice to helping injury victims obtain justice for the injuries they suffer at the hands of another. From my office in Westerville, I represent clients throughout the Columbus area and across Ohio. After entrusting a Columbus personal injury attorney from Heit Law, LLC, we will work hard to secure just compensation for your injury and help you get back to everyday life.

Our personal injury lawyer at Heit Law, LLC is ready and willing to fight for you. Contact our Columbus person injury lawyer for immediate assistance.

Car Accident Lawyer Columbus Ohio

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Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Columbus Ohio

Enduring a personal injury can be emotionally, financially, and physically devastating. If you have suffered personal injury as a result of a car accident in Columbus or Westerville, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation in Columbus, Ohio.  Call our Columbus personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt by someone else’s inattentiveness, Ohio personal injury compensation can help with medical bills and extended health issues that may result from the injury.

As your personal injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, I will work to recover compensation for you as a result of the other parties’ negligence. Negligence does not mean the defendant intended to cause harm, only that the defendant did not take ordinary care to be sure their actions did not harm another.

Personal Injury Compensation You May Be Eligible to Receive

In pursuing damages for a personal injury, you may seek what is known as “compensatory damages,” in other words you are looking for compensation for the damage caused by another’s negligence. You may also seek “punitive damages” which are intended to punish and provide an incentive to prevent the defendant from acting negligently in the future. As your Columbus personal injury attorney, I can help you understand the various ways you can pursue compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Ohio Personal injury lawsuits may claim damages for things such as medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, disability, and lost wages. Knowing the compensation avenues open to you as a victim is part of the complexity of the law, and what I will pursue as your Columbus personal injury lawyer.

Dedicate Resources for Your Personal Injury Cases in Ohio

As your Columbus, Ohio personal injury attorney, I will dedicate my resources to investigating your claims, gathering evidence, formulating legal theories, and exhaustive case law research all aimed at helping you prevail and getting you the maximum settlement you’re entitled to under the law.

Personal injury cases can be very complex in Ohio. It is important to have the track record and experience of an Westerville personal injury attorney who specializes in personal injury to represent your interests. If you have suffered personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you owe it to yourself to get the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. Insurance companies are interested in settling for the least amount possible and are not on your side in the personal injury picture. At the big personal injury law firms, you are at risk of getting “lost in the shuffle.” As your Westerville personal injury attorney, you can be assured I will put my resources at the service of your case and give your case individualized, focused attention.

One of the great satisfactions of my career as your Columbus personal injury attorney is getting you and your family the help you need and deserve to help you recover when you have been harmed by the negligence of another. As my client, it is important to me that I prevail on your behalf and I work hard to make that happen.

Get the Help You Need – Personal Help from Columbus, Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Here at Heit Law, LLC, you are not just another face in the crowd. I will give your case the personal attention it needs and deserves and work to get you the maximum results by pursuing every available option. There are many choices of personal injury lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, but few that can give your case the focused, tailored attention it deserves. As a Westerville personal injury lawyer, I serve clients throughout Columbus and Ohio.

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Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer
Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

A Dedicated Columbus, Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

Before starting my own firm, I was a lawyer at a large personal injury firm in Columbus, Ohio. I saw how the insurance companies would take advantage of injury victims and how they tried to avoid responsibility for the harm caused by their policyholders. Our Columbus personal injury lawyer will fight for the justice you deserve and work to ensure that all negligent parties are held accountable.


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