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Call it “fleeing the scene of the crash,” “hit-skip,” or “hit and run,” everyone understands that causing a crash and leaving without stopping to check on victims and speak with police is wrong. Section 4549.02 of the Ohio Revise Code also makes this careless, heartless behavior a crime, stating that:

In the case of a motor vehicle accident or collision with persons or property on a public road or highway, the operator of the motor vehicle, having knowledge of the accident or collision, immediately shall stop the operator’s motor vehicle at the scene of the accident or collision. The operator shall remain at the scene of the accident or collision until the operator has given the operator’s name and address and, if the operator is not the owner, the name and address of the owner of that motor vehicle, together with the registered number of that motor vehicle, to all of the following:

  1. Any person injured in the accident or collision ;
  2. The operator, occupant, owner, or attendant of any motor vehicle damaged in the accident or collision;
  3. The police officer at the scene of the accident or collision.

My job as a Columbus hit and run accident attorney is to ensure that people who fall victim to drivers who break this law do not suffer financial harms over and above their physical injuries and emotional trauma. Even if an at-fault driver is never identified and charged, hit and run victims can file and collect on insurance claims as long as they carry uninsured motorist coverage through own car insurance policy.

Ohio, unlike many other states, does not require drivers to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. Still, taking the option can provide a financial lifeline following a hit and run collision. It may seem safe to assume that such coverage will never be needed, but data compiled by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates otherwise.

During 2016, more than 2,000 Americans died in hit and run collisions. Pedestrians were the most frequent victims in fatal crashes, with 1,229 people losing their lives after being struck while crossing streets, walking through parking lots, standing beside the road, or walking along sidewalks.

Ohio ranked 28th among the 50 states for deadly hit and run crashes, which is a ranking that excludes the hundreds more Ohioans who suffered serious injuries in accidents caused by drivers who then fled the scene.

Filing an uninsured motorist claim is as complicated as dealing with the insurance company of an at-fault driver. Even though the person who submits an injury or wrongful death claim is their own policyholder, the insurer will investigate and challenge an uninsured motorist case just like it involved someone they did not cover.

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Partnering with a lawyer who has experience with hit-and-run cases in and near Columbus will make dealing with the insurance company easier. The plaintiff’s attorney will also have resources to further investigate the crash itself and possibly find the at-fault driver.

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