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According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the state of Tennessee saw a total of 1,463 fatal crashes where large trucks were involved in the year 2017. While not every truck accident may wind up being fatal, s the injuries that victims can face in the aftermath can be life-altering. Many victims that have been involved in a truck accident want to focus on their recovery with as little stress as possible.

This is why reaching out to an experienced Nashville truck accident law firm following a truck accident can be an extremely important step for you or your loved ones. When it comes to navigating the ins and outs of complex cases like truck accident claims, a Nashville truck accident lawyer will be able to provide thorough representation and expertise just a bit to your case.

Consider reaching out to Corey Heit, of the Nashville truck accident law firm Heit Law, LLC.  As an experienced Nashville truck accident attorney, I am able to represent clients throughout the Nashville area with years of expertise at my disposal.

Strong Representation for Truck Accident Victims by a Nashville Truck Accident Law Firm

Since no two truck accidents will ever be the same, each case will need to be handled differently.  when it comes to proving negligence or faults in relation to a truck accident, the process can often be very complex and difficult.  And since large trucks are much larger than your average daily driver car or pick-up truck, the aftermath of truck accidents can be horrific. As a Nashville truck accident lawyer, I have seen the destruction that can result from such accidents and the lasting effects they can have on victims.

With that, I take the time to understand every aspect of your case. This includes understanding the extent of your injuries and the kind of care you are currently receiving and what kind of care you may need in the future. I put in an aggressive Fight 2 to obtain the proper compensation for your medical care in the aftermath of a truck accident and any other losses you might have suffered as a truck accident lawyer in Nashville, TN.

Focused and Involved Representation by a Truck Accident Attorney in Nashville, TN

Here at Heit Law, LLC, I am able to represent a number of clients throughout the Nashville area and the state in truck accident-related cases.  As an accident attorney in Nashville, TN, I have no qualms about facing large trucking companies that may be facing negligence in relation to a truck accident. Whether an accident resulted from wide turns, braking malfunctions, blind spots, or other applicable reasons, holding a company and driver accountable is key.

As a truck accident lawyer in Nashville, TN, I am ready and prepared to represent you in any type of truck accident claim, including the following:

  • Runaway trailer accidents
  • Driver fatigue
  • Regulatory violations
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Lack knife accidents
  • Lack of underride preparation
  • Injuries to truck drivers caused by other drivers’ negligence

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, it is especially in your best interest to contact an experienced Nashville truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. I will work with you to navigate the complex legal process is tied to seeking compensation for things such as medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and other subjective injuries like pain and suffering.

Truck accident cases require specialized knowledge and experience because of how complex they can become. That is why I am here to work with you. My experience in dealing with insurance companies, my understanding of the challenges you face in the aftermath of an accident, and my drive to fight for as much compensation as possible for you is a guarantee that you are working with a knowledgeable truck accident attorney.

Speak With a Dedicated Nashville Truck Accident Attorney About Your Claims and Injuries

As a Nashville truck accident attorney, I am here to give your case the attention and focus that it deserves. With experience in handling personal injury cases for clients in the aftermath of accidents, I put a dedicated focus on helping you in a proactive and timely manner. As your truck accident lawyer in Nashville, TN, I will put in the work to fight for the compensation that you need to recover from your injuries and repair any damage to your property.

All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Meaning that you will not pay any Nashville truck accident attorney fees unless we win your case. You can contact me today directly at 615-962-3000, or toll-free 877-898-HEIT. If email is your preferred method, you can also contact me through email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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