Personal Injury Lawsuit in Ohio

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Personal injuries are serious matter. When one party’s negligent behavior causes substantial damage to another party’s wellbeing, it is important that they be held responsible for their actions.

At Heit Law, we understand the importance of personal injury attorneys in Columbus, Ohio. If you are seriously injured and need to seek compensation for your bills or lost wages, contact a personal injury lawyer in Westerville, Ohio.

Insurance companies want to settle personal injury claims for as little compensation for the affected party as possible. They will consider it a victory when they can completely avoid paying a claim. The legal professionals at Heit Law will fight to ensure that this does not happen to you and you are given proper compensation following your injury.


The Basics of Personal Injury Lawsuit Ohio

These cases arise as a result of a party’s negligence that directly resulted in harm to another party. Typically, the disputes can be settled out of court; however, there are instances in which the injured party in the case is forced to pursue formal litigation. In these cases, the plaintiff’s legal representation must prove that the defendant acted with negligence and as a result of said negligence, the plaintiff suffered injury.

In between outside settlement and legal proceedings is what is known as mediation or arbitration. Both parties involved in the dispute will participate in proceedings that are similar to litigation, but it is done on a voluntary basis and is not court mandated. Arbitration or mediation are more formal than out of court settlements but not as formal as court proceedings.


Common Personal Injury Cases in Ohio

There are variety of instances in which personal injury suits commonly arise. Here are just a few we at Heit Law typically deal with: 

A driver’s negligence is often determined by the initial police report filed at the scene of the accident. Obtaining a copy is the most crucial step in beginning the settlement process.

To determine fault in crash,  you must prove the following:

  • The other driver had a duty to exercise caution around the rider
  • The operator of the other vehicle violated this duty that put the rider or others around at risk
  • This driver’s negligence then directly resulted in the accident


What to Do If You’re Injured in Personal Injury

It is imperative that in all cases involving personal injury that you consult a medical professional. They can assess your body to determine the nature and extent of any wounds you have from your accident and document them. This will be necessary for determining how much you’re entitled to.

You may require diagnostics like a CAT scan or MRI to determine if you have a concussion or some other type of brain injury or physical trauma that could result in catastrophic health complications and death.


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