The Car That Hit Me Was not Insured – What Do I Do?

Post By Corey Heit

Automobile accidents happen every day. Besides damage to your car, they can cause a multitude of other issues.

Injuries, medical bills, insurance rate hikes and missed wages can come as a direct result of serious car crashes, which is why important to exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident. This will ensure that your personal injury attorney or insurance company will be able to collect payment on your behalf.

However, there are instances in which the other driver has no insurance. Despite Ohio law requiring all drivers to be insured, accidents with uninsured motorists occur frequently.

It is important to call the police if you are involvement in a vehicular crash. The responding officer’s accident report will determine exactly who is at fault in the incident. As with all accidents, if you have sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence you could be entitled to a settlement.

To settle your dispute with an uninsured driver, call the legal professionals at Heit Law. Our Columbus uninsured motorist lawyers can assist you to hold the other party responsible for damages.

What can I do if I was in an accident with an uninsured driver?

The easiest route to compensating the damages associated with the accident is by buying uninsured motorist coverage from your auto insurance provider. UIM policies will cover the damage to your vehicle, if the other driver involved in the accident was uninsured.

Through typical UIM coverage, your insurance company will pay for the damages to you and your vehicle. They will then file suit against the other driver to collect compensation for the accident. It is the most complete way to ensure protection against motorists who do not have insurance.

If you do not have uninsured driver protection on your insurance policy, subsequent action becomes more complicated; however, it is still possible to recover a monetary settlement to pay for your damages.

In these cases, you would need to file a personal injury suit against the other driver to recover your settlement. You should not try to get the money you are entitled to without proper legal representation. At Heit Law, we understand the complexities of crashes with uninsured motorists and can get the money you deserve. Do not try to negotiate with insurance companies or file a claim against another driver on your own.

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