3 medical expenses that might result from a dog bite

Post By Corey Heit

A fun day in the park can quickly become a traumatic one if you or your child is bitten by an aggressive dog. According to the Canine Journal, there are around 4.5 million annual cases of dog bites in the United States. These numbers are certainly frightening, but the numbers you see on a medical bill following a bite could be even scarier.

There are a number of expenses you will likely face following a dog attack. Even bites that do not initially seem severe will be costly when you are administered all the healthcare you should receive as a precaution. Seeking legal recourse may help you recoup costs such as the following three:

Stitches or surgery

Dog bites almost always break the skin and cause lacerations. It is rare that a bandage is sufficient, and victims often require stitches. In severe cases, the bite and its related injuries may be serious enough to necessitate surgery. In either case, you will be stuck with a hefty medical bill for an injury that was not your fault.

Getting a rabies shot

It is also a wise precaution to get a rabies shot following a dog bite. Aggression intense enough to motivate a dog to bite is, in fact, symptomatic of the disease. Getting a post-exposure rabies prophylaxis vaccine is imperative to protect yourself against the potential transmission of rabies. The dog should also be tested for rabies following the incident.

Antibiotic medication

In addition to taking steps to avoid rabies, you need to protect yourself against potential infections that might result from the bite. Your medical provider will likely prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. Paying for the cost of a consultation as well as the price of the medication itself means the expense for antibiotics can quickly become a substantial burden.

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