The Effects of Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries most commonly occur from vehicular accidents when someone is rear-ended. The whiplash injury is medically known as Cervical Acceleration Deceleration Syndrome. During a rear-ending accident, the person’s back is thrust forward by the seat, but the head and upper neck do not follow, as they have not been hit by the headrest. The head is extended backward, then bounces off the headrest and is thrown forward.

The strain of the movement of the impact can seriously damage disks in the spine, pinch a nerve, and affect the cartilage between the vertebrae. It’s important to seek medical attention after a motor vehicle accident, as the symptoms can begin to show immediately or up to 24 hours later.

Healing from a whiplash injury can take approximately three months and prevent a victim from working while also accruing massive medical costs. It’s possible to pursue compensation for your injuries with a Columbus whiplash lawyer. Recovering the medical expenses and any lost wages can help put your life back on track after a traumatic whiplash injury.

Pursuing Whiplash Injury Compensation in Ohio

When you approach a whiplash attorney in Columbus, Ohio, know that the attorney will most likely request medical documentation of your injuries. This is why it would behoove you to seek the care of a medical professional if you begin showing signs of whiplash injury after you’ve been rear-ended.

Once your case is accepted by a Columbus whiplash attorney, they will work with you to examine police reports, your medical file, and ask any witnesses about or review footage of the rear-end accident. If the person who rear-ended you was texting while driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving recklessly, you may be able to be compensated for the injuries they caused by rear-ending you.

Sometimes insurance companies will do anything to avoid a payout, such as claiming that the accident was your fault. In these cases, it’s even more critical that you have a whiplash lawyer in Columbus, Ohio on your side to fight for your rights to full and fair compensation.

Contact a Whiplash Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Heit Law, LLC is an experienced and dedicated Westerville whiplash attorney that serves the injury victims of Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. If you have suffered from whiplash due to a rear-ending that was not your fault, then contact Heit Law for a free case consultation.

As a top-rated Columbus whiplash attorney, Heit Law may be able to help you seek maximum compensation for the injuries you’ve experienced at the hands of a negligent person. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of in a car accident, as you have rights to pursue full and fair compensation for your whiplash injury.

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